Welcome to the Truth and Sense Network

The Truth and Sense Network promotes the analysis, honest assessment and discussion of today’s issues. So often, opinions are swayed by lack of information. At the same time, an issue cannot be fully understood just by learning a number of facts.  We believe that it is the combination of worthwhile information along with critical thinking and analysis that should form the basis of an opinion. Finally, the role of a strict moral code must be acknowledged as well, for it is often seen that what IS, is often not what you believe SHOULD BE.

It should be stressed that — as in any discussion involving how one looks at an issue — you the reader may at times disagree with the positions described herein.  It is understood and appreciated that you, as a critical thinker too, may have a different view of these issues and what you believe to be true and sensible. It is not our express intent to convince you of a certain opinion, just to encourage you to analyze. Whether you agree or disagree, it is hoped that you will have at least considered the rationale behind how the conclusion was drawn.

We welcome your comments and your analysis.