The recent mass shooting in San Bernardino, California is the latest shocking incident of innocent people being gunned down by murderers for reasons really only known by the attackers themselves, both of which are now dead. The husband/wife team in this last incident is now reported to have been somehow linked to, or at least sympathetic with, the Islamic State of Iraq (ISIS). Federal law enforcement officials say that the wife pledged allegiance to the Islamic State in a Facebook post and that the husband had contact with people from at least two terrorist organizations overseas. Heated debates are continuing regarding how to deal with the possibility of further “active shooter” gun attacks by “radical Islamic terrorists” here in the United States.

We must avoid the tendency of a “knee jerk” reaction and rush into things without critical analysis. There is a natural tendency to take the killing done by only 2 out of a group of close to a billion worldwide and then suggest policy based on the false stereotype that they are all “killers”. 2 out of a billion mathematically works out to such a small percentage that it rounds off to 0%. Even if you add in the numbers involved in all “radical Islam” mass shootings done worldwide in recent times, it is true that nearly 100% are not likely to kill or injure anyone at all. But people fear the shocking and brutal news stories although they are the rare exceptions and not the rule.

Further, there has been talk — even among political candidates — about the use of Federal Government “Watch Lists” where the people (the ones who are characterized as these potential “killers”) would be required to go through a formal registration process and then be subject to Big Government action or intervention as needed. All because of incidents that involve such a small percentage of such a large group. Some have called for either severely restricting and some others — even the outright banning of any more coming into this country.

A surprising number of citizens are calling for a complete prohibition and seizure of those that are already in this country legally (many for generations)and even advocating “rounding them all up” and keeping them in government facilities! If you fail to comply, you will go to prison. This is troubling not only because of the false characterization of them being broadly defined as “killers”, (and what many have loudly proclaimed they do not want having next door to them or in their communities, and certainly never in their own houses) but also because it presents various legal and moral hurdles.

The United States Constitution expressly prohibits exactly what some people are calling for — the total prohibition or even just the mere Big Government registration process. Let’s face it, the vast majority of them will never kill you or hurt you at all. Most are involved in peaceful activities and never bother anybody. Often, the entire subject need not even come up in conversation since it is a personal decision that each American has the right to decide for himself (or herself) and we need not justify those decisions to anyone.

Now, you might think that I am talking about Muslims here. I am not. I am talking about guns.

Let us not rush to judgement until we consider all of the implications.