Sometimes I am convinced that even Supreme Court Justices think that our Founding Fathers, via the U.S. Constitution were really saying that “everything is someone else’s fault.”

A man buys a house and some time later learns that, due to the current market, his house is now worth less than what he owes on his mortgage. He is what they now call “underwater.” He now has a few choices. He can 1) Keep making the payment that he had legally agreed upon for his house. 2) Try to sell his house and take the loss. 3) Walk away from the house and let the bank foreclose – but who cares if he didn’t put that much down on the house to begin with – no great loss! (Thanks U.S. Big Government and the “right” to own a house. ) 4) Wonder why somebody else doesn’t bail him out.

Astonishingly, what we see happen is that these unfortunate home-investors come a-lookin’ for our wallets. (I know, I am evil and greedy – which is another issue —  but really, I’m worried enough about payin’ for my own place, let alone yours, my unfortunate friend and countryman!)

No fair! Someone else should pay. There should be a law forcing rich people to buy me my house. Why are there people who make more than me ‘cuz it’s no fair! The government should make the banks let me have my house for nothing. I know rich people who have houses! How come my neighbor gets to have a house and a new car when I can’t even afford my house! Why don’t politicians give me money to bail me out, what else do we need them for? I’m a hard working guy who well, right now, isn’t hard working because the government hasn’t made me a job yet. I know it’s all Bush’s fault and all but come on Obama, what about my stimulus check? True, the lender had to legally tell me what my monthly payment would be – like I wouldn’t’ a-asked otherwise. He even told me that if I didn’t make the payment that they would take MY house back! These greedy predatory lenders who only care about making money to pay for their own damned houses and pay their own greedy bills! Someone else should make less so that I can have more! This is America!

Look, it is no laughing matter when your house is in danger of being taken. But they don’t take it if you pay for it! How would anyone think it was any other way? I do wish though that whenever I made a bad investment that Big Government would make somebody else pay for me too.

How about  you buy stock in a company that you are hoping is going to make good profits. But the stock goes down instead! No fair. These crooked Wall Street slime! If any stock that we buy ever goes down, the Government makes your neighbor pay your money back. This is the richest country in the world. Why should I ever have to take a loss?

I go to Las Vegas hoping to make it big. Since Big Government hasn’t seen fit to make me a job, my last resort is to go to a resort and bet big. I deserve to have money! But I lose big instead. We need a Gambling Loss Recovery Bill that forces evil successful people to pay me my money back. Plus. it’s not my fault anyway that I was driven to this. Why do resort owners get to have big cars when I had to take a bus to the casino?

Why should I spend money on cable television and internet service. Do you ever see how much those companies make? Hey, send some my way. Why should I have to pay when those guys all have fancy clothes. I have a right in this day and age to have cable TV because what if I want to look for a job? And there’s no reason why my cell phone shouldn’t be free. Those phone companies have been making money for years. When is it my turn?

And do you see how much those doctors and medicine companies make? Until my doctor has to move into an apartment, I see no reason why I should have to pay him. Boo hoo. Now he sees how the rest of us are forced to live. How much money does one man need anyway? These greedy doctors. And those medicine manufacturers. Why should a single pill cost that much when they are so small – what a ripoff! They should be paying me for being a customer and using their stupid product. How come the government doesn’t make it a law saying that they have to give us free medicine, those evil cheapskate greedy medicine snobs. I could wear a stupid lab coat and look in a microscope all day you lazy do-nothings.

The problem people, is NOT that we cannot afford to pay our bills — that has been happening throughout history. The problem is looking outside of ourselves for a solution. Is this the result of a socialist nanny state? Envy and jealousy that somebody else makes more than you do and that you are owed the difference. Where else and when else in history have people expected that their financial burdens are the responsibility of someone else? This attitude has pervaded Big Government as well — who is apparently quite happy to take on the role of bail-out provider for the masses. But with money from where? And from whom?

One can see that the problem originates in Big Government’s vain attempts to continue to try to run and to try to “save” the economy that make the economy further collapse into the abyss. It’s trying to make things “fair” that is messing things up and it is believing that Big Government has that role in the first place that dooms us.